The Farm History


The name Bussjägerhof in Oberbayern was given to the farm by a previous owner in the 17th century. In 1696 the name Erhard appears in the farm history for the first time and the Bussjägerhof is owned by our family since then. For over 30 years guests spend their best time of the year with us. Until 2007 the Bussjägerhof was run as a dairy farm. Since 2008 we keep suckler cows and so we can devote ourselves even more to our guests.

The alpine hut at the top of the mountain was built by the host’s uncles in 1960. However, rather than accommodation for shepherds, they had a retreat for cosy celebrations in mind. Numerous parties took place in the first summer. But when winter had arrived, due to the deep snow, access to the hut became very troublesome. The parties became fewer and the idea of a ski lift was born. Said and done – the lift was built in 1970. Since then festivities in the hut are just as popular in winter and the skiers are pleased as well.

We have always been committed to the preservation and care of our beautiful cultural landscape. This becomes apparent by mowing the steep mountain slopes and maintaining our forests. Since the wonderful and untouched nature of the alps is close to our hearts, we are always looking for sustainable alternatives. Since 2007 the Bussjägerhof is heated with wood chips from our own forest and solar panels provide power.

Bauernhof früher
Bauernhof früher
Bussjägerhof früher
Familie Christoph Erhard
Bromberg 9
82389 Böbing/Oberbayern

Tel. 0 88 67-1781
Fax 0 88 67-91 31 17

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